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Elliptical Buying Guide - 7 Things To Consider When Shopping For An Elliptical Trainer

Buying an elliptical trainer? While the latest elliptical machines are better than ever, you also have more choices than ever - which can be confusing!
What do you look for? This article will outline 7 different features to look at when buying your crosstrainer - so you can find the best machine for your needs!

#1 Stride Length
Stride is the furthest distance between the two pedals. A longer stride helps to more fully work your leg muscles - and burns more calories!
A shorter stride will feel more "jumpy" and uncomfortable.
Look for a stride length between 18 and 21 inches in order to get the most comfortable elliptical ride.
#2 Moving Arm Bars
Most elliptical trainers today do have moving arm bars to work your upper body - however it's always good to check.
A further benefit is a machine with controls on the moving arm bars - so you don't have to reach up to the console to make changes.
#3 Incline/Ramp
Incline - also called ramp - changes the slope of the elliptical path. This makes it great for crosstraining and really gives you more "bang for your buck".
Look for power incline - so you can change the settings from the console without having to get off the machine and adjust the ramp.
#4 Footpedals
Look for oversized footpedals that are either articulating (and support your ankle) or can be adjusted. This helps you find a more comfortable "customized" fit for your workout.
#5 Flywheel
Although you can't always tell from the manufacturers stats, a heavier flywheel will give you a smoother feeling ride. You don't get the jerky starts and stops that cheaper machines give you.
A heavier flywheel will also help to anchor the machine - making it feel much more stable.
#6 Workout Toys
This is where it gets fun! You want to make sure you use your elliptical - and a machine with lots of fun console toys can make the difference between a 15 minute workout and a 45 minute workout!
Elliptical machines today come with everything from iPod docks to full-color web browsers to online fitness tracking and even built-in TVs!
#7 Warranty
While most ellipticals come with a manufacturer warranty - by looking at the length of the warranty, you can often spot a higher quality machine!
So those are 7 things to look at when shopping for your elliptical. Keep these things in mind when shopping and you'll be able to navigate past the sales hype to find the real elliptical gems!
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